Runningwood Estate | A Private Sonoma Wedding Venue

About Runningwood Estate:
Runningwood is a Private Estate in Sonoma available for weddings and events. It is located just minutes from the Town Square in Sonoma. The private, gated drive leads you through more than ten acres tucked away in the heart of wine country. Runningwood neighbors some of the best wineries in Sonoma County, boasts some stunning views, and is only a short drive from Napa Valley.

The Runningwood Estate house was completed in ’94 and has since entertained an exclusive group of elite guests such as Warner Brothers premier stars, high profile wedding ceremonies, and fundraising events. Runningwood’s private location and gated drive provide valuable restricted access for security and media control.

All weddings and and events must be approved beforehand as the property may require additional, advanced preparations for your event. Runningwood Estate provides several different ceremony sites for up to 128 guests. The flag stone patio near the entrance of the house is available for entertaining a small gathering between the trellis and the lions head fountain. To the rear of the house, the impressive views of the pool deck, as well as the upper and lower pool patios and expansive flag stone patio create the perfect setting for larger gatherings. Also available is a flattened lot adjacent to the estate. The lot is undeveloped and can be explored for more creative or demanding events, or for brides desiring separate ceremony and reception sites.

Runningwood is capable of accommodating many different types and sizes of events, but we believe the property is best suited for weddings up to apporximately 100 guests. Please see our sample seating arrangements as a planning guide.