Wedding Invitations 101 – Part 1

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Invitations should be ordered at least four to six months in advance of your wedding. Allow an additional four to six weeks if using calligraphy. Mail at least two months prior to the wedding. If a destination or holiday weekend wedding is planned, allow two and one-half months advance notice. Confirm with your caterer when a final guest count is required, and adjust the RSVP deadline seven to ten days prior to that date. Full-service invitation salons can assist you with the correct wording for your invitations, or consult reference books on the subject. Always, always proofread carefully before you place your final order. Carefully count the number of invitations required based on your guest list, counting one invitation per couple, not one per person! Everyone (or every couple) on the guest list should receive invitations, including the parents of the groom, members of the wedding party, and the officiant. Always order 25 additional invitations to account for errors or guests you may have forgotten. Then, tuck away a few invitations for yourself as wedding mementos!

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