Wedding Invitations 101 – Part 2

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In lieu of addressing invitations by hand, it’s acceptable to use a computer and quality printer, as long as you print directly on the envelope. When compiling guest lists for family, ask that names and addresses be spelled out in full. Address outer envelopes in a formal fashion, with the address and name of state written in full, with zip codes. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Jr., Dr., and Esq. are the only abbreviations used. Children under 18 are not listed in the address on the outer envelope, while children over the age of 18 (including those residing with their parents), get their own invitation addressed accordingly. Other adult family members living in the household should receive their own invitations. Addressing the inside envelope is less formal and titles of “Ms.”, “Miss”, “Mrs.” or “Mr.” are omitted. “Dr.” and military titles are used. If the person is welcome to bring a guest, the envelope should read “Mary Smith and Guest”. Children under 18 are listed under their parents’ names on the inside envelope. Including a directional card or map to the ceremony and reception is acceptable; however, bridal registry information in your invitations is considered an etiquette “no-no.” Don’t forget to place a stamp on the return “RSVP” card envelope before sealing the outer envelope. The flap of the outer envelope should have a printed return address. That’s it! Family and friends will be delighted by your good news.

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